Forgotten Shades of Life (2023)

The child of fearless creativity and lust for organic production. Recorded live with the entire band in the booth, at once, for the first time. “FSOL” paints a vibrant picture with no colors spared.

Recorded at Lammaskallion Audio and Studio Muuntamo
Produced and mixed by Juho Salaterä / Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios

Vibration I – EP (2020)

Arena rock hooks, modern touch on the production and our first cover release. “To the Moon & Back” and its infectious disco-rock groove turned out successful and moves booty live like nothing else. Thanks, Savage Garden! Part II? Who knows.

Recorded at Fascination Street Studios, The Garden, Shiraz HQ
Produced by Per Aldeheim / Mixed by Linus Corneliusson / Mastered by Tony Lindgren

Carnival Days (2018)

For songwriting and production of our 2nd album we traveled to Sweden. With Per Aldeheim we successfully captured a tour-matured group and gave life to our first hit “Harder to Breathe”, swam in weird waters on “Reincarnation”, found our inner jazz vibes on the opening track… And more!

Recorded at Fascination Street Studios & additionals at Imperial Cassette Recording Facilities
Produced by Per Aldeheim / Mixed by Linus Corneliusson / Mastered by Tony Lindgren & Jens Bogren

For Crying Out Loud (2016)

“For Crying Out Loud” is a raw and honest full-length debut. On “FCOL” we started finding the joys of bold musical experimentation and diversity. Raunchy riffs, jumpy happy-poppy, dark blues and wide atmospheric brush strokes of different sorts. It’s all here – with sparkling enthusiasm of musicians in their early 20s.

Recorded at Sound Supreme Studios & Imperial Cassette Recording Facilities
Produced by Ben Varon / Mixed by Petri Majuri / Mastered by Svante Forsbäck

Be The Slave Or Be The Change – EP (2015)

The first release available online. After two demo-EPs and solidifying the line-up with Joel Alex joining the band, “BTSOBTC” launched Shiraz Lane onto a new level. The EP was well received by underground rock scene, noted on medias and brought the band a recording contract with Frontiers Music Slr. Some of the songs still appear on setlists.

Recorded and produced by Sammy Aaltonen at East Sound Studios / Mastered by Svante Forsbäck